An "All-Inclusive" package that discharge you from the burden of managing your whole IT

SDIC adapts to their clients needs and their respective domains of activity. It's our belief that this approach is the assurance of a durable and reliable relationship.

The monthly All-Inclusive package advantages are:

  • No hidden costs;
  • At your disposal, we act as soon as the request is formulated and as often and long as necessary. The problem is ours to spend the necessary time to resolve the matter/to achieve a lasting solution;
  • It is in our common interest to monitor, maintain, update, protect and safeguard your IT equipment permanently;
  • More than 99% of problems are solved within the hour.

Together, we determine the best choices of hardware and software according to your needs and budget to achieve this goal.


IT or Security Audit, Project management, Coaching, Server Move... On-Demand IT consulting

SDIC has been chosen multiple times for different key project demands like Security or IT Audit, additional IT resources to support their operational team, project manager coaching, internal "policies" to set up, high-level network security to enhance, etc.

These intervention are time and costs budgeted in advance with the client. Payment is done after the achievement of the work, by invoice or by deduction of the effective hours from a "booklet-of-hours" purchased in advance.

This "booklet-of-hours" also enables the client to budget a certain amount of time from which he can draw IT Support for any need or upcomming project.