We bring your ideas Online !

  • We have developed Web applications and Sites for individuals or professionals for 10 years

  • We also maintain and host Websites. The annual maintenance fee ensure the permanent accessibility of your internet/intranet site from any modern browser, its active monitoring and regular update. Besides special modification demands, the maintenance fee (updates, multiple-browser compatibility) is a steady cost that handles all!

  • We develop and sell templates, "des composants", modules and Joomla plugins

Also, If you wish to sell products online or have a personnalized online Messaging system for your business, we would be pleased to present you our self-developed products already used by some of our clients and on sale in our catalog. Please ask for it !


Contact us if you wish more information or to discuss your ideas and project !


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Our development tools: 

PHP + Joomla

PHP allows you to have an application built on a client/server basis for larger accessibility (e.g. worldwide) and/or for data centralization purposes. Joomla is an OpenSource Content Management System written in PHP that allows you to have a easily managed website. Applications developed and integrated into Joomla provides you with a robust, yet evolutionary solution for your website.


For more specific projects that require complex data treatment, enhanced user input or accessing the end-user computer features, Java is the ideal technology. Java applications can be run on most systems and are available either as stand-alone programs or on a client/server basis as well as allowing more control over the final user's station.

Ajax & Javascript

An aspect of development which is often neglected is usability. Complex applications can soon become unusable, in particular when users are unfamiliar with computers. Ajax and Javascript technologies can be used to make the application's front-end more user-friendly. For complex user input or advanced data validation, Ajax allows controlling the user input on-the-fly so as to correct or advise the user, making your applications "idiot-proof".